Tech Transfer

This page offers technology assets originated under THaW funding.  If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these resources, please contact us.


  • Kevin Fu, Peter Honeyman Timothy Trippel, Ofir Weisse. Protecting motion sensors from acoustic injection attack US Patent Application number: WO2017201409A1 Date: 2017-11-23
  • Andres D. Molina-Markham, Shrirang Mare, Ronald Peterson, Jr., and David Kotz. Continuous seamless mobile device authentication using a separate electronic wearable apparatus. U.S. Patent 9,961,547, May 2018. PDF
  • D.E. Holcomb and K. Fu, Physical unclonable function using augmented memory for challenge-response hashing, October 10 2017, US Patent 9,787,481.
  • Shrirang Mare, Andres Molina-Markham, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz,System, Method and Authorization Device for Biometric Access Control to Digital Devices. U.S. Patent 9,595,187: Priority date 2013-03-21; Filing date 2014-03-21; Publication date 2014-09-25; Grant date 2017-11-28. PDF
  • Timothy J. Pierson, Xiaohui Liang, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz,
    Apparatus for Securely Configuring A Target Device and Associated Methods. Patent application PCT/US2016/039009: Priority date 2015-06-23; Filing date 2016-06-23; Publication date 2016-12-29. PDF


  • VirtaLabs: Founded by THaW principal Kevin Fu and colleague Ben Ransford, VirtaLabs produces the BlueFlow software product to identify, assess, patch, and track clinical assets in health care environments.