Carl Gunter

Carl Gunter is a professor in the Computer Science Department and a professor in the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He serves as the director of Illinois Security Lab, the Health Information Technology Center (HITC), and the Strategic Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS). He has made research contributions in the semantics of programming languages, formal analysis of networks and security, and privacy. His contributions to the semantics of programming languages include the interpretation of subtypes using implicit coercions, type inference for continuations and prompts, the use of Grothendieck fibrations as a model of parametric polymorphism, the mixed powerdomain, and the use of Petri nets as a model of linear logic. His 1992 textbook and his chapter in the Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science are standard references on the semantics of programming languages. He has also served extensively as research consultant and expert witness on programming languages and software. Professor Gunter’s contributions to the formal analysis of networks and security include the Packet Language for Active Networks (PLAN), the WRSPM reference model for requirements and specifications, the first formal analyses of Internet and ad hoc routing protocols, the Verisim system for analyzing network simulations, and exploiting bandwidth contention as a DoS countermeasure. His work on privacy includes the first research on certificate retrieval for trust management and the formal analysis of regulatory privacy rules.

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